Slides / Talks

Internationalisation is going to be tough when you have to implement all the different data representations (numbers, currencies, dates, collations and much more) by yourself. Fear not, because with the International Components for Unicode, or ICU for short, every developer has access to the different formats and information every developer needs. For C, C++, Java... and with the Intl extension PHP too. This talk shows how you can keep your Projects or Shops ready for every country.
Whether in collaboration with colleagues, at Github, through blog posts or forums: We are always faced with what others do or have done. We often compare our own work with those of others and consider our own knowledge and skills as much weaker. But is that true? This is a first draft for known problems of some programmers, that was presented at the PHPUGKA. It's about self-doubt, that isn't only known by beginners but also by experienced developers. This talks also names and explains the Imposter-Syndrome. Yes, the slides alone don't contain much infos, so you have to see the talk. ;-)
Mocks in unit tests. You can't live with them. You can't live without them. You need them. But as you plan on how to test your code, you also should ask yourself which Mocking-Library do you want to use. New project, legacy code or code that is hard to test: depending on the project, some libraries can be really helpful to build up your tests and save time. This talk is about common Mocking-Libraries and their (dis)advantages. The talk of those slides were part of PHPUGKA Oct. 22nd. 2015.
SPL offers a lot of awesome functionalities in PHP, but somehow it doesn't get much attention. Not only is it quite hidden in the huge PHP documentation, it also lacks some good documentation itself. In this slides, we take a look at a few SPL classes, special cases and some corrections of docs.